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Chris Dooley 20 Chicago

"Have a great day & make a hater sick"


#team aight lookin

I was tagged by pardonmyrude do the six selfie thing

I miss my hair 😔😕

Older person in Family: This world is getting worse, more crime, more death, more rape... what the hell is wrong with this new generation.
Me: Nothing changed, it just got harder for you to ignore. When you can tap your I-phone you now get to see exactly what happens when Ebola breaks out in a village in Africa, or what a child blown to pieces in Gaza looks like. The world didn't get worse because of us, you just are loosing excuses to turn a blind eye, and even now you are wanting to blame us for this messed up world when what -- a bunch of 20 year-olds have caused world wide chaos? With what money and time?
Family member: ....


Keith Olbermann gives an intro on how women are treated in sports. And then ethers the fuck out of the NFL for only suspending Ray Rice 2 games after knocking his wife out in an elevator.